Rolling the post-internship credits

Rony Ortiz-Andrade

Rolling the post-internship credits

Written by: Sandra Fernandez

Writer, photographer, driver, videographer, blogger, community manager … when we began our search for the first-ever Big Oak Tree Media intern, we were looking for someone who would fit all of these roles and more. But beyond a simple list of qualifications, we were looking for someone who would have that elusive “something” to become part of our team. We couldn’t describe it, but we were sure we’d know when we saw it.

So, we used a crystal ball to find the best candidate and sent a job offer via owl, asking him to join us at platform … wait, that’s not how that worked. Sorry! The final candidate was such a perfect fit that it felt like magic must have been involved in the selection process.

Rony Ortiz-Andrade became our first intern earlier this year after wowing us with his initiative and talent. And while you can see evidence of his contributions to Big Oak Tree Media throughout many of the projects we produced during his internship, there are two items, in particular, we want to share with you:

  • A post-internship review, in his own words; and,
  • A video interview with me (in a rare video appearance)

We are grateful to Rony for being part of the team, even for just a few months. We wish him success & joy.

Video: An interview with Sandra Fernandez

Our intrepid intern asked me to pick one of my favorite lunch spots to meet up and record an informal, off-the-cuff video. We talked about everything from why I chose Empire Café as my lunch spot to why I went into public relations as a career. The video was completely Rony’s project from filming the interview to producing the video. Check out the final cut!

Rony Ortiz-AndradeAnd now a few words from our intern

Written by: Rony Ortiz-Andrade

It has been a truly amazing experience working for Big Oak Tree Media. Throughout my experience here I have been able to understand the importance of words. Words are not only useful in our everyday lives, but they are also fundamental in transmitting messages. It is with words that we are able to communicate a message effectively.

I have learned the importance of clarity. It is important to know your objectives and goals, so that you may project the message in the best possible way.

Things that I thought I knew have become clearer to me. I have learned the importance of your online presence and understanding the audience you want to reach.

Rony Ortiz-Andrade & Olivia GuerraBig Oak Tree Media has allowed to me expand my creativity in different ways, by being able to write biographies, make videos or just simply writing ads for social media. This has been a great experience and I couldn’t be more grateful. I have had the opportunity to do amazing things for this company and I wish nothing but the best for the team. The connections I’ve made here have been meaningful and the mentorship has pushed me to do better.

As I have worked for Big Oak Tree Media, I have been able to think of better ways to market myself, whether it is on my Instagram or LinkedIn accounts or on any social media app. The experience of working here also has taught me how to pitch stories for the news and how to use Slack, a skill I have learned to enjoy during my time here.

Sandra Fernandez, Rony Ortiz-Andrade, Olivia GuerraI believe that this new set of skills I believe has prepared me for my next move. I honestly don’t know where life will take me from here, but I must admit I feel more prepared and less scared as my eyes have opened about the importance of sharing a message effectively.

Thank you for everything!

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