We are thankful …

Juan Alanis: “This year I’m just grateful for life, because no matter how hectic or crazy it can get I still have the privilege of being here and being alive, and being able to try again.”

Sandra Fernandez: “I’m thankful to my friends and family for helping me overcome all of life’s little tumbles and the big blocks. And coffee, in all its forms. ☕😋”
Anjelica Cazares: “This year I’m thankful for life lessons. Grateful for the moments that have taught me to be humble, graceful and open. To be open to criticism and to be humble enough to understand that I still can grow so much more personally – above it all be graceful.”
Olivia Guerra: “I’m incredibly thankful for my family and all their support, as well as my perrito siblings!🐶I’m also thankful for a wonderful job and the opportunities I’ve received this past year. And, lots of vegan tacos.😎 🌮”

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