We can’t get enough of JustAConstructionGuy on Instagram

We can't get enough of JustAConstructionGuy on Instagram

We can’t get enough of JustAConstructionGuy‘s Instagram feed. He started his “lifestyle influencer” account on a whim after a conversation he had with his daughter just a couple of weeks ago. And just like that, his following, likes and comments started growing pretty rapidly.

Can you tell the difference between his account and the numerous other accounts out there on Instagram?

Let me shed just a tiny bit of light as to why I believe what JustAConsructionGuy is doing just absolutely works. He is who he is. Because of who he is. He is taking a fun approach with this account to share a glimpse at his every day life – and in the process is also bringing us all just a little bit of joy.

You won’t find any re-shares of the now outdated same old same old on his feed. “Outdated” as in “that was so eight months ago” because, as we all know, shelf life on the internet is always getting shorter. The internet’s shelf life is a lot shorter than actual shelf life in real life.

What JustAConsructionGuy also proves, for me, is that the growth social media “influencers” isn’t slowing down anytime soon. What is changing is the way they influence will happen. There is a massive conversation taking place around authenticity and social influencers and we couldn’t agree more that the changing direction to a more authentic approach will result in a longer shelf life on social media in the long haul.

We can't get enough of JustAConstructionGuy on InstagramWe can't get enough of JustAConstructionGuy on Instagram

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