"I had the great pleasure of working with the Big Oak team while at BakerRipley and they always exceeded my expectations. They are true experts when it comes to public relations and media strategy, effective and always delivered results.  It was refreshing to work with such a professional and highly motivated team." Frida Villalobos Communications

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"We hired Big Oak Tree Media in October of 2018 to launch the Gulfton Story Trail project and garner media coverage. However, Big Oak Tree Media became indispensable for our organization due to their professionalism and wide range of services they provide... When it comes to digital marketing there are lots of companies in the

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"I appreciate Big Oak Tree’s personalized client service. They are creative and always willing to brainstorm with our team, so our campaigns are attention-grabbing and seamless from beginning to end. Because they understand the goals of our respective teams, they can effectively meet a variety of needs... The Big Oak Tree team is experienced, professional,

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"One of my mentors once told me, “It is stamps and envelopes, Robin. You just have to do the work.”Some 30 years later, Big Oak Tree Media shares that same philosophy, though using current tools of the trade. They work smart, they get results and they take pride in their work which reflects on clients"

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