This National Mental Health Awareness Month Houston will be home to the inaugural Mind, Body, and Latina Soul event when it arrives to the iconic and historical East End on Saturday, May 25, 2024. Organized by the national and award-winning Latina Leadership Podcast, which was founded ‘by Latinas, for Latinas’ here in the Space City in 2020, this one-day event will serve as a gathering point for Houston residents interested in addressing the overall health and wellness of Houston’s local Latino community.

Statistics show that Latinos reported higher rates of depression, substance use and suicidal thoughts during the global pandemic – with one in four who reported having a mental health condition being categorized as having a serious mental illness. Even more alarming, research indicates that Latino adults are 50 percent less likely to receive mental health treatment.

This due in part to various factors, including cultural norms and even stigmas about seeking professional help. For Latina Leadership Podcast founder, Anjelica Cazares, mental health and wellness is personal.

“I spent over a decade of my life suffering with severe depression and anxiety, and a majority of my life not being able to access the resources that could have supported my journey earlier in my life,” she shared. “I know first-hand what it feels like to go without. That’s why Mind, Body, and Latina Soul is all about creating access to resources and removing barriers to seek and get help, regardless of whether those barriers in front of us are physical or perceived.”

The Latina Leadership Podcast is focused on four core pillars: education, health and wellness, Latina equal pay, and entrepreneurship. Through its weekly video and audio podcast episodes, the industry-leading media platform brings Latina leaders and their journeys to the forefront completely free of charge and available to watch or listen anywhere, anytime. In essence bridging the gap between accomplished Latina guests and the aspirational listeners who might not otherwise be privy to hearing their personal stories and anecdotes in their own voices.

Since 2022, the Latina Leadership Podcast has also hosted in-person events in response to the demand from its growing online and offline community. Mind, Body, and Latina Soul is the continuation of a smaller lunch and learn gathering that was held last year during mental health awareness month. It will feature three carefully curated tracks each dedicated to Mind, Body, and Latina Soul, that will bring panel discussions, interactive group activities, and more, to attendees.

In addition to Mind, Body, and Latina Soul, the Latina Leadership Podcast will also host the second annual Latina Entrepreneurship Conference this October 2024.

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