Life in a pandemic. Nobody could have prepared us for this.

If you would have told me at the beginning of the year that three months into 2020 we would all be sitting in our homes connecting over Zoom, Slack, Google, Skype, Facebook, and a host of other online tools, I would have probably chalked it up to another romantic notion of what technology was going to make possible in this very widely-anticipated and highly-lauded year of futuristic expectation. I would have never imagined it could happen independent of our personal choice. Yet, that is exactly what we are all experiencing together.

Big Oak Tree Media Creative Director Anjelica Cazares Featured in New Color Me by Chaun and Mimi Advertisement

Big Oak Tree Media Creative Director Anjelica Cazares was featured in the advertisement campaign for new lipstick line Color Me by Chaun and Mimi. The product of sisters and entrepreneurs Chaun Vaughn and Mimi McClure, Color Me is a new product line that seeks to empower and motivate women through bold and colorful lip-wear. “We wanted […]